The US Mint apparently tested different alloys and experimental rinses in an attempt to prevent discoloration and spots from forming on these beautiful Sacagawea Dollar coins. Coins used for US Mint experiments usually are not released into the general circulation. The two coins shown here were somehow released. They may have been being stored in mint bags or containers for examination, remelting and processing. This particular bag or container appears to somehow have containted  both coins the Philadelphia 2000p mint mark and the Denver 2000d mint mark. These Sacagawes may have become stuck in the bottom of a mint bag or container and were then reprocessed and or remixed with a batch of bright shinny Denver 2000d Sacagaweas and shipped to the Post Office where they ended up as  change from the postal vending machine,  just like some other Sacagawea mule coins did and they normally sell for well over $100,000.00 Also the top Sacagawea has a very  interesting metal formation near and to the left of the "p" mint mark.

This 2000P-D Rarity OMM Native American Sacagawea Golden Dollar Coin appears to have  several odd mint errors. Over Mint Marks were suppose to be a thing of the past, however The US Mints new coinage process may not be flawless. There apears to be a huge "D" Mint mark just to the north west of the "P" Mint Mark. And the color of this Now Certified as a real Sacagawea Dollar Coin apears to may have been treated with some type of chemical test also. Another Huge Suprise is that this 2000p Native American Golden Dollar Designed by Glenna Goodacre was Discovered In change given by a vending machine amongst 4000 shiny 2000d Sacagawea coins  in early 2000 at the introduction of The Sacagawea Native American Golden Dollar coins into circulation when the Cheerios Dollar was 1st put in boxes of Cheerios cereal. No "P" Mint Marks should be in new "D" coin bags.
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B2000d Sacagawea Native American Golden Dollar Coin has it's share of issues also. If there was no room for Errors at the US Mint this 2000d Native American Golden dollar coin would never have come out of the same postal vending machine as the 2000p above looking like this. This Sacagawea Golden Dollar Coin designed by Glenna Goodacre appears to have been completely submerged
in a dark reddish brown chemical. This Sacagawea has also not been circulated. On the reverse this mystery chemical did not rinse off either. You can see a nice reddish brown golden color which apears to be comming out from underneath the coating. Both a D&P in the same new mint bag? Thats a mystery and both with huge errors. And there are More in My Youtube Videos.